With a plethora of off-roading opportunities in the area, it isn’t rare for us to get a call for help regarding a stuck 4×4. Fortunately, we have the required equipment and capabilities to retrieve a stuck or stranded vehicle. Off-roaders in the area have been able to rely on our drivers and their trucks to get them safely returned to paved roads and relative safety for 15 years now.

With clean trucks, operated by clean drivers, our towing services include off-road recovery that is affordable and dependable. Our entire team works together to provide this important service in a prompt fashion in order to protect the health and safety of the customer.

Off-road recovery comes with its own special set of challenges that require skills and expertise that surpass those of average tow companies. With state-of-the-art trucks and proficient drivers, we have the capabilities to haul your truck or SUV out when needed.