When your car breaks down, many things probably run through your head: how is this going to cause problems with my schedule? Can I afford to have my car fixed right now? Who can I call that will get my car safely to a shop? While we don’t know what to say about the first two issues, the third one is an easy answer: Black Lake Towing is here to make sure that you and your car, truck, or SUV makes it to a shop safely.

Our tow trucks are among the most modern on the road, which means that they are reliable, clean, and comfortable. Our drivers are trained to know how to carefully and safely load and unload your vehicle, as well as the best ways to change a tire or offer other kinds of roadside assistance, including jumpstarts and lockout services.

Contact us whenever you need help with your car. Whether you’ve had a tire blowout or your truck or SUV has gotten stuck on an off road trail, we can come and get you. We are a Top Rated LocalⓇ towing company, which means that you can always count on us to provide the best service at a great price.