1. What to Do When You Run Out of Gas

    If you happen to be driving through the middle of nowhere and your gas light suddenly comes on, it can induce instant panic. You may have been so focused on the road that remembering to stop to fuel up completely slipped your mind. If your car does run out of gas, there are a few easy tips that you can follow to ensure your safety and help you get on your way quickly. Serving Olympia, Washington a…Read More

  2. What to Look for in a Towing Company

    Finding the right towing company can be difficult. There are seemingly countless choices of towing companies to choose from and a quick internet search won’t really help you narrow down the list. However, if you live in or around Olympia, Black Lake Towing offers the best emergency towing in the area. We stand out from our competition and firmly believe you won’t find a better, cleaner, and mo…Read More