Professional Fifth Wheel Towing

Like we said before, your fifth wheel is basically a member of your family, so why would you trust anyone to tow her who didn’t have the experience, skill, and dedication that you could trust. Short answer — you wouldn’t. At Black Lake Towing, all of our tow truck drivers are professionally trained tow truck operators who spend every minute of the working day hooking up, towing, and unhooking vehicles of all sizes and shapes. 


That trained skill is honed with all of that daily experience, meaning that you can feel confident that our team can successfully and safely accomplish your fifth wheel towing job each and every time. We can handle pick-up, drop-off, and all of the transportation in between.

Situations When You May Need Fifth Wheel Towing Services

To be fair, you purchased your fifth wheel with the intent to be able to tow it wherever and whenever you wanted. However, there are lots of situations where having professional fifth wheel towing help from a Black Lake Towing tow truck driver can come in handy, if not be absolutely essential. 

  • You’re out of town and need the fifth wheel transported, but no one else in the family has enough towing experience.
  • You typically have two drivers who each tow something when you’re camping or traveling, but one of you is unable to drive.
  • You have inherited a fifth wheel, but don’t yet have the ability to transport it to your property.
  • You have purchased a new fifth wheel, but have not yet purchased the truck you need to haul it.
  • You’re no longer using your fifth wheel and have sold your truck, so you need help towing it to a buyer as a part of the deal.
  • Your truck breaks down, and you need your fifth wheel to make it home or to a campsite.
  • You’re moving out of town, but need to have the freedom to drive the moving truck yourself.

Get in Touch With Black Lake Towing Today

For these and all of your other fifth wheel towing challenges, get in touch with the fifth wheel towing experts at Black Lake Towing in Olympia. We’re here to help 24 hours a day and can provide the clean, friendly, and safe services that you require.