Tiny Home Towing From Black Lake Towing

Whether you just bought one or the one you have needs to move to a new location, getting your tiny home from point A to point B can be a big problem. Not every towing company out there has the tools, the tow trucks, or the experience to safely transport your tiny home from where it is to where it needs to be. That’s why when you decide to get professional towing help for your tiny home moving project in Thurston County, you should call the experts at Black Lake Towing.

We’re the Big Name in Tiny Home Towing

As the tiny home market has exploded in Washington state, we’ve seen more and more people living in tiny homes or using them to generate revenue through platforms like Airbnb. Personally, we think they’re great, but we also realize that they come with a few inherent challenges when it comes to getting them from where they are to where they need to be.


There are lots of reasons that you need help moving your tiny home. Maybe you just purchased it and need to get it onto your property. Maybe you’ve just sold it and agreed to arrange for transportation. Maybe it’s simply a matter of being time to move, and whether you are living in your tiny home or not, you want it to come with you.


Black Lake Towing can make these needs, and all of the other reasons you need to move a tiny home, a straightforward process that ends in success. Our clean, friendly drivers can handle your tiny home job with ease and professionalism — the way that the job deserves to be done.

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So if you’re looking for help with tiny home towing, there’s only one team to call. Get in touch with our team to give us the details about your project and schedule your tow. Our professional service scheduling team is available around the clock, every day of the year, and we can schedule a tiny home tow for you at any time of night or day.